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RCMP search for missing hunters — 2 adults and 2 kids — in northern Manitoba

By | October 16, 2019

Four hunters — two adults and two kids age 12 and 16 — are missing in northern Manitoba after heading out on a three-day trip. The group was dropped off on Oct. 8 in the area of Mosquito Lake (also known as Clifford Reid Lake) and was scheduled to be picked up Oct. 11. Bad weather made it impossible for the chartered float plane land, RCMP said.… Read More »

Roughly 9,000 still without power after snowstorm pummels Manitoba

By | October 16, 2019

Some 9,000 Manitoba homes and businesses are still without power after last week’s heavy snowstorm — down 4,000 from yesterday. Manitoba Hydro hopes to have electricity restored to everyone by early next week, but some terrain in rural areas is challenging. Manitoba Hydro crews work near Portage La Prairie, Man. (Trevor Brine/CBC) Fields are saturated and ditches are… Read More »

Man left bleeding, in shock after being attacked with machete

By | October 16, 2019

Fast action by police officers saved the life of a man who was randomly attacked by two people armed with a machete, a Winnipeg Police Service news release says. The officers were driving in the city’s Fort Rouge neighbourhood just before 5 a.m. Monday when they found the injured man on the street near Pembina Highway and Dudley Avenue. He was losing a… Read More »

RCMP work with First Nations to repatriate human bones found near Thompson

By | October 16, 2019

Human bones found in northern Manitoba earlier this month are believed to belong to an Indigenous person and RCMP want to see them get a proper burial. Arrangements are currently underway with local First Nations and the provincial Historic Resources Branch to return the bones to their proper community. A group of hunters found the bones near Cauchon Lake, about 90 kilometres southeast… Read More »

Extensive hydro pole damage keeping Interlake residents powerless

By | October 16, 2019

It’s creeping up on a week without power, heat or water inside Cory Johnson’s house located outside Ashern, Man., and his family of six is concerned that with the extensive damage to the hydro infrastructure in the community, the lights won’t be on as quickly as estimated. “We’re all sleeping in one room at this point because it’s hard to heat an… Read More »

‘I was scared’: Elderly woman stuck outside in wheelchair after being sent home from hospital in cab

By | October 16, 2019

An 83-year-old woman is angry and wants answers after she says she was sent home from a Winnipeg emergency room in a taxi and ended up stuck outside her home in her wheelchair for nearly two hours in the dark. “He dropped me out on the driveway and left,” said Alice Balork. “I’m really, really upset about the whole… Read More »

18-year-old Winnipeg woman with terminal cancer casts 1st vote, urges others to do the same

By | October 15, 2019

When 18-year-old Maddison Yetman’s first chance to vote rolled around with the upcoming federal election, she wasn’t going to let anything get in her way — not even a sudden, terminal cancer diagnosis. And after casting her ballot on Saturday, Yetman wanted to take it one step further and urge other people to get out and vote. On… Read More »