Winnipeg veterinarians providing medical supplies to help in COVID-19 fight

By | March 27, 2020

WINNIPEG — Local veterinarians are pitching in to help fight COVID-19.

Manitoba’s Veterinary Medical Association is sharing its resources with health-care systems.

At the request of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, it’s already shared N95 masks with clinics.

Now it’s taking part in Canada-wide polling to determine the availability of ventilators and other protective equipment.

“There are a variety of things that we use at a veterinary practice that have real applications on the human side at this time,” said Dr. Jonas Watson of the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association.

“Things like hydrogen peroxide for making hand sanitizer, obviously face masks and gloves are all similar, and are ventilators can certainly be adapted to be used for human patients.”

At this time, the province hasn’t reached out to the association to contribute supplies.

Many vet clinics are on lockdown and limiting treatment to emergencies only.

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