Winnipeg School Division playgrounds closed for ‘indefinite future’ despite city, province reopening

By | May 1, 2020

Not all play structures in Manitoba will open on Monday.

The Winnipeg School Division says its playgrounds and play structures will remain closed in a letter to parents this afternoon.

“Winnipeg School Division is responding to the continued concern of transmitting the COVID-19 virus and will keep all WSD playgrounds and play structures closed for the indefinite future,” the email said.

“Due to the close nature of play on these structures and in these areas, social/physical distancing cannot be guaranteed, and playgrounds are not cleaned or sanitized.”

The Manitoba School Boards Association has recommended all school divisions across the province keep their play structures closed.

On Wednesday, the province announced it will lift restrictions on play structures next week.

The province’s plan says playgrounds and outdoor recreational facilities are allowed to reopen as of Monday.

But many of those spaces are municipally owned, so it’s up to local governments to give the OK on reopening things like athletic fields or playgrounds.

The City of Winnipeg says it will open playgrounds, but may not be able to get everything ready in time.

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