Winnipeg School Division board calls for apology from education minister

By | March 15, 2019

The Winnipeg School Division’s board of trustees wants Manitoba’s education minister to apologize to its chief superintendent over comments made at the legislature on Thursday.

In a news release, the school division said that during question period MLA Matt Wiebe spoke about concerns from a teacher in the division over the closing of the Manitoba Curriculum Support Centre. According to the division, Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen responded to this by saying “what WSD teachers should really be concerned about is how much their superintendent is making,” referring to salary.

“This was an uncalled-for personal attack on a public civil servant who cannot speak in their own defense,” said board chair Chris Broughton in the release.

“The Minister is trying to divert attention from the cuts he is making in education by singling out one superintendent among dozens in the province as a scapegoat to blame for all the problems in the school system.”

Broughton said the board has written a letter to the Speaker of the House asking for an apology from Goertzen in the next question period.


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