Winnipeg police say human remains found near Red River are those of man suspected in homicide

By | August 19, 2020

Winnipeg police say remains found near the Red River in early August are those of a man who was suspected in the April homicide of his wife. 

Julie Racette, 34, died in April after she was taken to hospital from her home on Ottawa Avenue, in Winnipeg’s Chalmers neighbourhood.

Police began investigating Racette’s death on April 11 and determined that she had been killed.

Shortly after, police issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for her husband, Wayne Leslie Melnychuk, 42, who was wanted for manslaughter.

Julie Racette, 34, died after being taken to hospital on April 11. Police later said her death was a homicide and that her husband, Wayne Leslie Melnychuk, was a suspect. Melnychuk’s remains were found earlier this month. (Julie Melnychuk (Racette)/Facebook )

In a news release issued Wednesday, police said they received a call on Aug. 7 from someone who found partial human remains on the bank of the Red River, near Henderson Highway at Trent Avenue. 

“It is believed that Melnychuk entered the Red River on his own accord” on or around April 12, police said in their news release.

‘Little piece of justice’

Racette’s mother, Diana Madore, has mixed emotions about Melnychuk’s death, saying while she feels relieved, she wishes Melnychuk could have gone through the justice system. 

“I’m not heartless — there is some kind of feeling, but there’s also a relief that he’s not going to mess my grandchildren up anymore,” she said.

“There is a little piece of justice for Julie, but I just wish he had been man enough to step up and take what he got for it.”

She said she’s focusing on her grandchildren, who have been struggling since their mother’s death and are now without both parents. They’ve been living with her and her daughter Chasity. 

“That’s what they need right now. They need that love.”

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