Winnipeg emergency food program desperate for donations

By | July 12, 2019

The pantry is bare and Oak Table needs your help.

The emergency food pantry, which is operated by Augustine United Church in Osborne Village, offers help for people who can’t buy food until the next time they get paid, or who can’t immediately get to a food bank. Oak Table is also one of the groups that makes up the charitable organization 1JustCity.

And it’s now facing a food crisis, says 1JustCity executive director Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud.

“We’ve been seeing an increase in demand for this program for a couple of years and we’ve managed to get small grants to help us,” she said.

“But we’re in a situation where we don’t have enough food to go around for the amount of people asking for it.”

There is a spike in demand during the summer, Blaikie Whitecloud said, because people who relied on programs at schools to help feed their kids are now desperate for assistance.

At the same time, donations start to drop because a lot of people who give to the program are away on vacations or at cabins for the summer.

She says the charity needs canned proteins — like tuna, salmon, fruit, pork and beans, and vegetables — as well as pasta, peanut butter, cereal and spaghetti sauce.

Donations can be taken to the St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry at 365 McGee St. or the West Broadway Community Ministry at 222 Furby St.

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