Winnipeg apartment complex without power for three days

By | September 6, 2020

WINNIPEG — It’s the long weekend in Manitoba, but the holiday hasn’t been very enjoyable for a North End apartment complex without power.

The apartment on 114 McGregor street has been without power for three days, and tenants don’t know when it’ll be back.

Patrick Carr is one of many seniors living in the apartment, and on Friday afternoon, he got the bad news.

“When I had come home on Friday, they said the power was off, and they didn’t know when it was going to be repaired,” said Carr.

He said he’s been trying to keep his food cold in the freezer all weekend. So far, he’s had to throw out a lot of food because of his fridge not working.

There’s no hot water for washing dishes or taking showers, and many people in the building can’t charge their phones.

Carr doesn’t know when the power problem is going to be resolved.

“This Monday will be the fourth day in a row, and it’s a holiday, so I don’t think there’s anything going to be resolved on a Monday holiday.”

This isn’t the first time the apartment has been without power for an extended period of time. In 2018, the building went without power for four days before it was restored.

Roger Frobisher, another resident, has lived at 114 McGregor street for ten years.

He uses a CPAP mask to help him breathe at night, but he can’t plug it in without power.

“If we had electricity, I couldn’t care less about TV or anything like that,” said Frobisher. “As long as we could plugin that [CPAP mask] in the night time and get some heat in for the old people.”

Although Manitoba Housing owns 114 McGregor street, Knights of St. Josaphat Incorporated is responsible for managing the building.

George Ehr, the property manager for 114 McGregor, said the power outage came from a sewer system back up in the basement, and technicians were sent in on Friday to attempt to fix the issue.

“They were successful in draining the basement, however, the volume of water that had backed up had compromised our electrical components in our basement, which resulted in our power going out to the building,” he said.

Ehr said the sewer back up was caused by non-household items being flushed down the toilet, like rubber gloves and diapers.

He said an emergency generator capable of powering the whole building is being brought in from Edmonton and is expected to be hooked up Sunday evening.

Ehr said the generator is a quick fix for tenants in need of electricity, but someone is going to 114 McGregor on Tuesday to assess the damage to the main power source.

Tenants have been asked by the management company to save receipts from any food they lost during the power outage and will be compensated for any losses.

As for Carr, he’s just looking forward to a cold fridge and some hot water.

“Get the power going so we can go have a decent shower and clean up, you can’t even wash,” he said.

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