Weasel family sets up home in Churchill Health Centre

By | August 30, 2020

Three unexpected visitors weaseled their way into the Churchill Health Centre this week.

A mother and two baby weasels were seen — and heard — in an older building attached to the Health Centre in the northern Manitoba town on Thursday.

“One of our staff heard a bit of a commotion and went over there and seen a mom and two of her babies kind of playing in one of our buildings,” said Jason Klainchar, the chief operating officer of the health centre, in an interview with CBC’s Radio Noon the next day.

Weasels are a familiar sight in the north — they live on the tundra year-round, catching rodents and changing colour in the winter to adapt to their surroundings — but they’re not a familiar sight inside the health centre.

“We get the usual type of rodents. We are in the north, so there is a lot of wildlife around us, but this is the first time we’ve had a family of weasels, for sure,” Klainchar said. 

He believes the rambunctious rodents were looking for warmth and got in the building through holes in a screen.

“Our weather in Churchill is in the single-digit range right now, so we’re definitely in the fall season and I think these critters were just looking for a warm place for the winter,” Klainchar said.

He says a few patients heard the sounds and went to see what was going on, too.

“It was a little bit of excitement for the day.”

As of Friday, he said the cute critters haven’t been caught.

“We’ve just set up some live traps so that we can catch them and then move them out to a more suitable area somewhere in the tundra.”

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