Video shows Winnipeg police kicking, kneeing man during arrest

By | June 12, 2020

A video posted to social media shows a Winnipeg police officer kicking a person, who was down on the ground, more than once during an arrest Thursday. 

The video was posted to Youtube and other social media platforms Thursday afternoon by Winnipeg Police Cause Harm, which describes themselves as a police abolitionist group.

The grainy video shows three police officers pinning a man to the ground face down during an arrest. One officer knees the man in the side. 

Watch the video below:

About 10 seconds into the video, a fourth officer, holding a rifle, walks up and kicks the man twice. It then sounds like the man is wailing and crying in pain. 

About 10 seconds into the video, another officer kicks the man on the ground twice. (Winnipeg Police Cause Harm/YouTube)

After that, two of the officers get off the man and he appears to stop struggling while one officer appears to be rolling him over. The officer then points to something off camera and gets up, placing his hand on the man while saying something to him. 

The rest of the video shows the same officer talking to the man while the officer’s hand is rested on the man’s side. 

Several people have taken to social media to criticize the use of force shown. One woman who said she witnessed the arrest and that it didn’t look like the man was resisting. 

A police news release says they were called to the Exchange District just before 8 a.m. Thursday morning after a man used a brick to smash the window of the Centennial Concert Hall before pulling out a gun. 

Police confirmed Thursday that it was the same incident shown in the video. 

They say the man appeared to be high on methamphetamine and broke a granite slab before using a brick to smash the window. 

“He then brandished a handgun, terrifying pedestrians and resulting in multiple calls to 9-11,” police said Thursday. 

The man threw down the gun when police arrived but refused to comply with the officers demands to get on the ground, and assaulted one of the officers.

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