Vehicle drives through crash scene with emergency responders, injures firefighter

By | February 16, 2019

The City of Winnipeg is reminding motorists to slow down when emergency responders are working at the scene of collisions.

The city said on Friday around 10:30 p.m., the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service responded to a two vehicle crash near Inkster Blvd. and Parr St., when another vehicle drove through the scene.

“Clipped a firefighter and then crashed into a home,” said a news release Saturday.

“Paramedics assessed their fellow WFPS member. Thankfully injuries were not severe and transport to hospital was not required,” the city said.

Police were immediately dispatched, and took the driver into custody.

On Saturday, The Winnipeg Police Service told CTV Winnipeg the driver was possibly impaired.

No one involved in the initial collision was injured.

“Members of the public are reminded that when emergency responders are at the scene of a motor vehicle collision, drivers should always slow down and change lanes, only if it safe to do so,” the city said.

The city provided statistics it said came from the Association of Fire Chiefs.

“The organization stated that already in 2019, at least 10 first responders have been struck and killed by passing motorists on North American roadways. As well, non-fatal collisions are also happening more frequently, despite emergency vehicles having brighter lights and louder sirens”, the city said.

Police said the investigation continues.