Three levels of government to fund Manitoba water and wastewater systems

By | February 13, 2019

The provincial and federal governments announced joint funding for upgrades to water and wastewater systems together with the regional municipality of Ritchot and the City of Selkirk Wednesday.

In the city of Selkirk, funding will support the design and construction of a forcemain and lift station in the western part of the city.

According to a joint release, once complete, it will reduce storm water flooding, improve wastewater treatment, and expand the treatment and collection system. It should also make way for about 1800 new homes in the city and commercial development.

Each partner will provide one-third of the project costs, totaling $2.4 million.

In Ritchot, funding will support upgrades to the raw water supply system and increase the capacity of the reservoir to meet rising water use from rural residents in the area beyond Ritchot, including the Riel Industrial Park, Ste. Agathe, St. Adolphe, Île des Chênes, as well as planned future expansion of the regional water system to the community of Grande Pointe and area.

These upgrades will ensure the municipality can provide potable water to those who need it.

Each partner will provide $1 million towards this project.

There are 12 publicly-owned water systems in Manitoba that are under boil water advisories as of Wednesday and two that are under water quality advisories.