The Winnipeg industries suffering the most in the pandemic

By | September 14, 2020

WINNIPEG — Right around six months after COVID-19 arrived in Manitoba, the City of Winnipeg is revealing how the pandemic has hurt the local economy.

A report out of the city’s finance committee shows Winnipeg’s hospitality industry, which includes foods services, has been hit the hardest by the pandemic, followed by transportation and warehousing.

The report added the economic decline could also have an impact on other city services, including transit, community services and the Assiniboine Park Conservancy. Winnipeg’s gross domestic product (GDP) has declined more than five per cent this year.

Manitoba-wide data shows more than 50,000 people were unemployed in July, which is more than double the figure reported in July 2019.

The numbers also show women aren’t returning to work as quickly men.

Winnipeg’s finance committee will discuss these financial challenges at a meeting this week.

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