‘The status quo is not sustainable’: Manitoba premier says throne speech ignored healthcare funding concerns

By | September 24, 2020

WINNIPEG — Manitoba’s premier said the federal government’s throne speech on Wednesday ignored concerns regarding healthcare and funding.

“Our population is aging, the need for healthcare was increasing before COVID-19, wait times as measured compared to 20 years prior, were double and triple what they were 20 years prior – before COVID,” Pallister said.

He said now with the pandemic, there are all types of additional needs across the country that need to be addressed.

“There’s a fundamental imbalance in the current health funding arrangement,” the premier said.

“The status quo is not sustainable.”

He added every premier across the country has identified healthcare and its funding as the number one priority. Pallister said this issue was completely ignored in the throne speech.

Pallister described the speech as a “buffet” speech, as it touched on many topics. He said there were things he was disappointed about, but also others he was happy to hear.

This is a developing story. More details to come.

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