The plan a Winnipeg city councillor is proposing to replace trees in the city

By | August 31, 2020

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg city councillor is looking at ways to replace trees on city property that are being cut down due to disease.

Councillor John Orlikow said he would like people to have the option to donate trees, the cost of which would be tax-deductible.

Currently, a tree removed from a city boulevard may take more than four years to be replaced, and Orlikow said his plan could help replace trees quicker.

“People can do this right now on their boulevards, but they have to pay the full cost,” Orlikow said. “That is a barrier, so I’m trying to break down some barriers, so we can really tackle this huge problem we have with our declining tree canopy.”

Orlikow said the program would operate similar to existing programs for commemorative trees and park benches. The tax-deductible status would need to be approved by Revenue Canada, and donated trees would have to be on city property.

The motion will be discussed at the City Centre community committee meeting on Sept. 4.

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