So, how did it go? Kids tell us how their first day back to school actually went

By | September 9, 2020

There was no shortage of nerves on the first day of school for most Manitoba students since COVID-19 shuttered classrooms across the province. 

But what did kids really think of their return to the classroom? 

We sent CBC News reporter Jonathan Ventura, and a camera, to Laura Secord School to find out. 

Despite the unease and trepidation about being back in the classroom, most said it was good to be back, even though it was very different. 

Eleanor, Grade 2 

Eleanor had a good day, but she felt shy because she didn’t know that many people in her class. 

Eleanor said things felt different on her first day back at school. (Trevor Brine/CBC News )

She also had to get used to being at her desk for most of the day, and not getting any playtime, aside from recess. 

“Everything went different,” she said. 

Cassia, Grade 5 

Cassia also said she spent most of the day at her desk, but enjoyed getting to see her friends and other people from her class again. 

“We were all just staying at our desks more and not moving around the class,” she said. 

Wearing a mask the whole day was the most challenging part for Cassia. (Trevor Brine/CBC )

The most challenging part was having to wear a mask all day. 

Artis, Grade 3 

Artis had a great day, and loved being able to see her old friends, and make some new ones. 

“I got a new class and the teacher was really nice and I’m feeling really happy right now.”

James, Grade 6 

Despite being spaced out from his classmates and having to wear a mask all day, James said the day was great. 

James saw many of his friends on his first day back. (Trevor Brine/CBC )

“My teachers are nice. We did some good activities. We were spacing, and pretty much masked the whole day but yeah, it was great, really great.”

Like other kids CBC News talked to, James was happy to see his friends again and is looking forward to making new ones this school year.

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