‘Significant damage’: WFPS extinguishes warehouse fire in Pacific Industrial Park

By | May 17, 2020

WINNIPEG — A trash fire that spread to a warehouse in the Pacific Industrial Park caused significant damage and is prompting a reminder from the city.

Fire crews responded to reports of a fire at a warehouse in the first block of Myrtle Street at 12:14 a.m. on Sunday, said the WFPS.

Once on scene, crews encountered heavy flames and smoke. Firefighters launched an offensive attack and declared the fire to be under control at 1:03 a.m.

WFPS said no one was in the warehouse at the time of the fire, and no one was injured. No damage estimates are available at this time.

The fire is believed to have originated in a trash pile outside of the building. The fire then extended to the building, causing significant damage. It’s not known how the fire started. 

The city is giving property owners these strategies on preventing fires:

  • Dispose of cigarette butts in a deep, wide metal container filled partway with sand or water;
  • Do not dispose of butts with regular trash or rubbish without first dousing the butt with water;
  • Only put your garbage and recycling carts and yard waste out on your collection day;
  • Dispose of garbage, yard waste, lumber, and bulky waste (such as mattresses or couches) properly and promptly;
  • Contact 311 to schedule a pickup of your bulky waste items or to report fire hazards;
  • Keep all garbage, bulky waste, and firewood well away from your house, garage, or business;
  • Use motion-activated lights to brighten the outside of your property. (Source: City of Winnipeg)

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