Severe thunderstorm warnings issued for parts of southeastern Manitoba

By | August 22, 2020

Parts of southeastern Manitoba are under a severe thunderstorm warning, as meteorologists track an area of storms Saturday morning capable of creating very strong winds, heavy rain and up to nickel-sized hail.

The storms stretch from Betula Lake to near Rennie and are moving eastward, Environment Canada said in an alert on its website Saturday morning.

As of 9:54 a.m., the areas included in the warning are:

  • Falcon Lake.
  • West Hawk Lake.
  • Pointe du Bois.
  • The rural municipality of Reynolds (including Ste. Rita, Hadashville and Rennie).

People in those regions are advised to take cover immediately if threatening weather approaches, the alert said. If visibility is reduced while you’re on the road, turn on your lights and keep a safe following distance from other vehicles, it said.

Environment Canada issues severe thunderstorm warnings when storms are happening or about to happen, and when they’re deemed likely to produce large hail, damaging winds or torrential rainfall.

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