Severe thunderstorm warning issued for Richer and area

By | August 15, 2020

Parts of southern Manitoba are under severe thunderstorm warnings and watches Saturday afternoon.

A strong thunderstorm is moving east across the province, stretching from the city of Morden and surrounding areas to St. Jean Baptiste, Environment Canada reports.

The thunderstorm may be severe at times, the weather agency said around 3:45 p.m., and is capable of producing damaging wind, large hail and torrential rain.

The warning includes the R.M. of Ste. Anne, including Richer.

A severe thunderstorm watch is also in effect which includes the following areas:

  • Municipality of Rhineland, including Altona, Plum Coulee and Gretna.
  • R.M. of Montcalm, including St. Jean Baptiste.
  • R.M. of Morris including Rosenort and Aubigny.
  • R.M. of Roland including Jordan and Myrtle.
  • R.M. of Stanley including Winkler and Morden.
  • R.M. of Thompson including Miami, Rosebank and Deerwood.
  • Falcon Lake and West Hawk Lake.
  • L.G. of Pinawa, including Seven Sisters Falls.
  • Pointe du Bois.
  • R.M. of Lac du Bonnet.
  • R.M. of Reynolds, including Ste. Rita, Hadashville and Rennie.
  • R.M. of Whitemouth, including Elma.
  • Shoal Lake First Nations.
  • Buffalo Point and Northwest Angle Provincial Forest.
  • R.M. of Piney, including Sandilands and Sprague.
  • Municipality of Emerson-Franklin, including Roseau River.
  • R.M. of De Salaberry, including St-Pierre-Jolys and St. Malo.
  • R.M. of Hanover, including Steinbach, Niverville and Grunthal.
  • R.M. of La Broquerie, including Marchand.
  • R.M. of Ritchot, including St. Adolphe and Ste. Agathe.
  • R.M. of Ste. Anne, including Richer.
  • R.M. of Stuartburn, including Zhoda, Vita and Sundown.
  • R.M. of Tache, including Lorette, Ste-Geneviève and Landmark.

The weather agency will keep updating watches and warnings online as the day continues.

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