Seven Oaks School Division helping students without internet

By | April 23, 2020

WINNIPEG — With in-school classes being cancelled due to COVID-19, many students are learning from home, but for some, it is difficult without a WiFi connection.

Seven Oaks School Division is now stepping up to help make student’s lives easier.

The school division is paying to install internet access in homes of students without it.

It is working with Bell MTS and estimates it will cost about $40,000.

The money is being diverted from programs that are no longer running as a result of school closures.

Brian O’Leary, the superintendent for the school division said it’s a small number of kids who need internet but it will make their studies easier.

“We know which homes don’t have WiFi connections, much of what our teachers are doing now really relies on that. We have been sending paper packages home but the kind of resources that are available online versus what we can send in a paper package are night and day,” said O’Leary.

“Being online also allows kids to interact with their classmates, interact with their teachers,” he added, noting it will also allow kids to express themselves.

The school division is also helping households that don’t have enough devices to go around for everyone and it is lending out 1,300 tablets for students to use.

O’Leary said this will be in place until the end of the school year and that they haven’t looked at the summer yet, but he added if they need to do something for the summer they will go over the options.

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