Seafood City checking customer’s temperature to stop COVID-19 spread

By | April 25, 2020

WINNIPEG — A specialty grocery store in Winnipeg is ramping up its COVID-19 protocols.

Seafood City, a Filipino supermarket chain in Garden City, is now requiring patrons to have their temperature taken with a thermometer gun before entering the store.

Mark Delda, the manager of Seafood City, said people with a temperature higher than 38C will be asked not to enter the store. The staff at the store also have their temperatures checked each morning.

“We are taking this seriously,” Delda said. “We need to make an extra effort to really get the facts and do the check so we can really know who are having a fever or having signs of COVID.”

Delda said the baskets customers use are sanitized before they are given to customers. Store staff are also walking around reminding people about physical distancing. After the store closes, it gets a deep clean each night, Delda said.

The store said it wants to do everything it can to ensure its staff and customers are safe through the pandemic.

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