Scooter sales on the rise in Winnipeg

By | July 27, 2020

WINNIPEG — There has been a spike in bicycle sales in Winnipeg this year, with COVID-19 being a driver of the sales.

But bicycles are not the only mode of transportation that has seen a spike. Scooters have been a big seller this year as well.

“We just got a shipment in and we can’t keep them on the floor,” said Leehee Hasid, who is the general manager of Kobi’s Auto and Scooter City.

Hasid said the sales at the store have been unbelievable and she said she thinks that is due to the pandemic.

“A lot of people are staying home this year, staying in Winnipeg and want to kind of explore and enjoy this beautiful weather, and we give them that opportunity.”

She added the inventory that has come to the store has been about three years’ worth of products.

Hasid also said scooters are the way to go if people are wanting to get around.

“You become a pro in five minutes. They are so much fun, it gives you so much freedom. They are so cheap to insure. If you go gas, they are about five dollars to fill up the tank,” she said.

Hasid added that if people want to go the electric option they don’t require any insurance or a license and they are great to use on the bicycle paths.

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