Roundabouts, reduced speed limit recommended for Roblin Boulevard in R.M. of Headingley

By | February 15, 2019

A transportation plan commissioned by the Rural Municipality of Headingley proposes some changes along a section of Roblin Boulevard, west of Winnipeg.

The preliminary recommendations involve lowering the speed limit from 80 to 70 km/h, installing a traffic signal at Caron Road, and adding turning lanes and three roundabouts.

R.M. of Headingley Mayor John Mauseth said the study was conducted due to concerns residents have raised about speed and heavy traffic along Roblin Boulevard as well as the need to create a long term plan for the area. 

“We did have some concerns within the community in regards to the truck traffic and heavy traffic on Roblin Boulevard,” said Mauseth. “Some traffic which we feel should be focused more on the number one highway.”

The study proposes three roundabouts on Roblin Boulevard at Bridge Road, Augusta Drive, and Hermitage Road.

The report says turning lanes should be added on Roblin Boulevard at Empire Street and Shelmerdine Garden Centre.

Mauseth said council is now awaiting a final report before deciding whether to move forward with any of the changes.

“The preliminary draft report has some good suggestions in there, again, it is preliminary,” said Mauseth. “I would like to stress that it is a long-term vision.”

Roblin Boulevard is a provincial road so any changes would have to be authorized by the province. 

Manitoba Infrastructure said it’s aware of the transportation study.

The department will be reviewing the report and its recommendations and will discuss infrastructure priorities with the municipality. 

“These discussions will also include proposed work for separating the lanes on PTH 1 from the Perimeter to John Blumberg Golf Course,” said a statement from Manitoba Infrastructure. “Any infrastructure investments will be based on priorities of the region and provincial priorities.”

“Manitoba and Canada recently announced work to separate the lanes of PTH 1 from PR 334 to the Headingley weigh scales.”