Police with guns drawn surround apartment building in Morden, Man.

By | April 23, 2020

Police in Morden are warning residents to stay away from the scene of an hours-long standoff at an apartment block in the southern Manitoba community.

The incident is unfolding in the 300 block of Sixth Street, near the provincial courthouse in the city, about 100 kilometres southwest of Winnipeg.

Bruce Robert, 53, said at 8:30 a.m. he noticed a police car outside the Manitoba Housing complex located across the street and one house down from his home. Within five or 10 minutes, several more cruisers arrived.

“They got out of their vehicles, guns drawn, and have now surrounded the building,” he told CBC News.

Robert said police then went door-to-door in the complex, ordering all the other occupants to evacuate the area. They also advised residents in the nearby homes, including his own, to stay inside for their safety. Several streets in the area have been taped off.

The Morden Police Service has issued several notices on Twitter, saying the situation is still ongoing and urging people to stay away from the area.

Robert said police from Morden have been joined by cruisers from the Winkler Police Service, as well as what appears to be a tactical team.

“They have the vehicles in a V formation in the parking lot and they’re standing behind them like a shield,” he said.

As of 1:30 p.m., Robert said he hadn’t seen or heard much action at the scene, other than police repeatedly advising someone in one of the suites to exit with their hands up.

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