Police watchdog determines perjury charge against officer, conviction unlikely

By | August 6, 2020

WINNIPEG — The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) has wrapped up an investigation into an allegation of perjury against a Winnipeg Police Service officer.

The allegation stems from a court case that finished on May 27, 2019. The case started after an incident at the Clarion Hotel in Winnipeg on Dec. 26, 2014, where Ola, Andrew, Kyra, and Kyuss Beaulieu were staying.

Four police officers went into their room without a warrant after complaints of a disturbance coming from the second floor of the hotel.

A judge determined there were a number of physical altercations and that Ola, Andrew, and Kyra were unlawfully detained.

Kyra claimed an officer took her cell phone and pushed her into a table. Ola suffered a soft tissue injury, a laceration on her upper lip, and a chip fracture on her nose, while Andrew suffered extensive bruising, a black eye, and a scalp injury.

The judge in the case determined all acts were “offensive” and “far outside” what would happen in ordinary life.

As part of the civil suit against the City of Winnipeg and one Winnipeg Police Service Officer, the Beaulieu family was awarded nearly $100,000.

On May 30, 2019, the IIU was informed that there was an allegation of perjury against one officer that came from the Court of Queen’s Bench judgment.

Investigators interviewed seven civilian witnesses and also consulted the plaintiffs’ lawyer, along with other information.

After a full review, the civilian director determined there were grounds to lay a perjury charge.

While the IIU was in conversation with the Manitoba Prosecution Services (MPS), it was agreed that the MPS would do a full review to determine if a conviction was possible.

The MPS ruled after the review that a conviction was unlikely and therefore would not proceed with any prosecution against the officer.

The IIU said the investigation is now complete and the matter is closed.

– With files from CTV’s Josh Crabb.

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