Police seek 16-year-old wanted on weapons charges, court order breaches

By | October 9, 2019

Manitoba RCMP are looking for a 16-year-old boy wanted for 15 weapons offences and about 17 breaches of his court orders.

William Albert Chastelaine, who is also known as Billy Chastelaine, is alleged to have committed the offences over the last ten days.

While young offenders and suspects typically can’t be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, Judge Doreen Redhead in provincial court gave temporary authorization for Chastelaine’s name and photo to be published for five days (until Oct. 13) since he is alleged to have committed an indictable offence.

RCMP said the bulk of the offences were committed in the city Thompson, 770 kilometres north of Winnipeg. Some charges are also from Wabowden, Man., about 110 kilometres south-west of Thompson, RCMP said.