Police arrest 6 men after string of violence in Brandon including shooting, forcible confinement

By | March 19, 2020

Several men are facing a long list of charges following a string of violent events, including a shooting, dating back to February in Brandon, police say.

Those charged include a 25-year-old who is facing 29 counts on various weapons, breaking and entering, forcible confinement and assault charges, the Brandon Police Service said in a news release Thursday.

The string of violent incidents began several days before the Feb. 26 shooting, when police say two men, armed with a knife and handgun, broke into an apartment and confronted the owner and several others in the apartment.

The owner, a woman who knew the two intruders, was forced to leave with the men, who police say threatened to harm others in the apartment if she didn’t.

The men then brought her to a different residence in Brandon, according to police, where they beat her and threatened to shoot her if she tried to escape. She was eventually able to leave the next morning, police say.

The Brandon Police Service displayed some of the nine guns and 100 rounds of ammo seized during their investigation into the incidents. (Submitted by Brandon Police Service)

Then, in the early morning of Feb. 26, one of the men — a 25-year-old — allegedly returned to the woman’s apartment armed with a stun gun, threatening to harm her again if she did not come with him.

The woman left with the 25-year-old, police say, but was apparently able to break free and run away. But the 25-year-old and three other men later came back for her — armed with a sawed-off shotgun, a machete, a stun gun and a baton, police say.

The four of them broke into a separate apartment in the woman’s building. A struggle ensued with the residents of the other apartment and shots were fired. One of the victims of the invasion was shot before he was able to escape, police say, adding that the four intruders fled the apartment after the shooting.

Nearly a week later, on March 4, the woman was at a different Brandon address with friends when the 25-year-old, accompanied by others, entered the home carrying handguns, police allege.

The men threatened everyone in the home and again forced the woman to leave. She was taken to a rural residence, then to another residence in Brandon the next day, before finally being let go, police said.

In addition to the weapons, Brandon police seized cash and drugs during their investigation. (Submitted by Brandon Police Service)

On March 15, Brandon police arrested two men in connection with the Feb. 26 shooting, and found a loaded air gun during the arrest.

Their investigation then led them to search three more Brandon homes, and to the arrests of three more men. During the searches, police seized seized eight firearms, 100 rounds of ammunition, bear spray, 600 grams of cocaine, two kilograms of benzocaine — often used in topical pain relievers and cough drops — and cash.

Following those searches, police arrested another man and charged him with unsafe storage of a firearm.

The five other men, ranging in age from 21 to 40, each face “extenstive” charges, police said.

The 25-year-old and another man have already appeared in court for several charges.

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