PM Trudeau to address Canadians on latest COVID-19 measures

By | March 17, 2020

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be providing Canadians with an update on the federal government’s COVID-19 measures this morning.

Speaking once again from self-isolation at Rideau Cottage, PM Trudeau is expected speak to the steps Canadians should be continuing to take to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic that has already prompted some provinces to declare states of emergency.

He could also have more to say on additional measures to help Canadian workers and families, after promising on Monday that support was coming. 

“The economic impact of this pandemic is shifting hourly, and we recognize our stress and anxiety that is causing. As I’ve said, we are prepared to see Canadians through this time. We will have additional measures to announce as early as tomorrow to support Canadians,” he said. 

As of Wednesday, Canada will be shutting its border to non-citizens looking to enter, with some exceptions, and offering a $5,000 loan to Canadians trying to get home. Several new measures are also being implemented at airports to enhance screening of travellers returning from abroad. 

In advance of his address to the nation, Trudeau is chairing a meeting with the federal cabinet. 

Immediately after Trudeau speaks ministers and government officials will be providing an update on the novel coronavirus from Parliament Hill. 

Trudeau said the virus has been spreading quickly across the world, and Canada is no exception. Therefore, Canada is taking “increasingly aggressive steps” to keep Canadians safe.

Additional measures would be on top of the previously announced $1-billion health and economic response package that includes relaxing EI rules, and would go beyond the $10 billion being made available to businesses who are being impacted by the virus. 

As of Tuesday morning there are 441 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada, and four people have died after contracting the virus. 

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