Pedestrian bridges transform into works of art for 3rd year of Cool Streets Winnipeg

By | August 26, 2020

Winnipeg artists have transformed five pedestrian bridges over the Seine River with colourful murals.

The murals are part of the Cool Streets Winnipeg art project, which is in its third year. 

This rainbow design was painted by Stéphane Dorge on the pedestrian bridge near Tremblay Street and Edgewood Street across the Seine River. (Submitted by Cool Streets Winnipeg)

This year’s artists have decorated their bridges with rainbows, watermelons, flowers, seeds and a message of love. 

This flower design on the pedestrian bridge near John Bruce Road was painted by Sophie Dumontier. (Submitted by Cool Streets Winnipeg)

“In this really odd year, it’s great to be able to have brought it back for another year, and hopefully we’ll be able to bring it back again in the future to keep celebrating our public space,” said Stéphane Dorge, one of the mural artists and organizer of Cool Streets Winnipeg. 

The mural titled Union of Love was painted by Jordan Stranger. It is on the Niakwa Trail near Fermor Avenue. (Submitted by Cool Streets Winnipeg)

Alex Plante designed and painted the watermelon bridge near Niakwa Road. She got the idea while eating the sweet summer treat. 

“I wish I had a good answer for you, but literally, it was Stéphane said … ‘Hey, if you can get me a concept by the end of the week,’ and I said, ‘Oh no, I don’t have very much time,’ and I happened to be eating watermelon at the time and I thought, ‘That’ll be easy to paint,'” she said. 

This seed design was created by Lani Zastre and is located on the Pont Voyageur in north St. Boniface. (Submitted by Cool Streets Winnipeg)

Plante said it’s been thrilling to see how many people are enjoying her bright design, tagging her in Instagram posts and sending photos.

“It feels good to be able to leave a mark, something joyful in the city that just gives people something to look for and something to enjoy, especially at a time when we’re all kind of on edge.”

Plante says it’s been thrilling to see so many people enjoy her design. (Submitted by Cool Street Winnipeg)

The five murals are located at:

  • John Bruce Road.
  • Pont Voyageur in north St. Boniface.
  • Tremblay Street and Edgewood Street.
  • Niakwa Trail near Fermor Avenue.
  • Niakwa Road Bridge.

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