No charges for Manitoba RCMP officer alleged to have left gun behind receptionist’s desk

By | August 19, 2020

A Manitoba RCMP officer who is alleged to have left his duty belt and gun behind a receptionist’s desk in a Winnipeg physiotherapy clinic will not be charged with careless storage of a firearm.

The Independent Investigation Unit says the officer went to an appointment last November.

It says a civilian who spoke to investigators said he spotted a gun, belt and an RCMP vest on the floor behind the desk when he went to the physiotherapist’s office.

The witness said he took photos when he spotted the gear still lying on the floor after his appointment.

Investigators say they could see 9-mm pistol magazines in the officer’s vest in the images, but it wasn’t clear if the gun was in the holster.

The receptionist told investigators she believes the officer left his gun in one of the clinic’s lockers, but there wasn’t room for his full vest.

The police watchdog forwarded its review to Manitoba Prosecution Services, which advised no charges should be laid.

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