New provincial guides for parents, students, and staff returning to Manitoba classrooms

By | September 2, 2020

WINNIPEG — With classes set to resume in Manitoba in just a few days, Manitoba’s Education Minister has released guides for parents, students, and staff that will help answer questions about the return to the classroom.

Teachers and other school staff returned to school on Wednesday, with students set to return to school on September 8th.

“I know that there is a lot of anticipation about the September 8th start date, but there is also a lot of anxiousness,” said Education Minister Kelvin Goertzen.

“We certainly see that there is that anxiousness, and to the best of our ability in terms of providing answers in advance to those questions, we hope that that will alleviate some of the anxiousness.”

In anticipation of the start of classes, the province has released online guides and resources for parents, a guide on mask use, an easy reference to the Pandemic Response Notification System, answers to COVID-19 screening questions, and guides for COVID-19 in schools and early learning and child centres.

“I think that these resources are very helpful, and hopefully parents now have a few days to review them, and to the extent they didn’t have some of their questions answered before, hopefully this allows them to get some of those questions answered,” he said.

Goertzen said the province has been working through protocols with Public Health and compiling the information released on Wednesday, which is why it wasn’t released sooner.

“Providing quick information is not always providing good information,” he said.

Goertzen said Public Health intends to release daily information regarding any positive cases of COVID-19 in schools, and whether there has been an infectious period within a school.

“We have to remember that anytime a student possibly is confirmed for having COVID-19 – that doesn’t mean that they got it in the school, or ever were in the school,” Goertzen said.

The materials are available in printed form, or on the Manitoba website

This is a developing story, more details to come.

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