Need a ‘pig-me-up’? Piglet picked up on Winnipeg street finds new home

By | April 14, 2020

A lost piglet found running wild in Winnipeg has found a new home.

In a Facebook post Tuesday evening, Winnipeg Animal Services said Reba the pig was claimed.

The “very, very young” stray pig was found in the northwest part of Winnipeg last weekend — even though it is considered illegal to keep pigs as pets in the city, and there are no farms near where it was found.

On Saturday evening, the agency received a report about the four-legged runaway and picked it up on Leila Avenue in Garden City.

The female pig is believed to be either a Kunekune or Juliana pig, about eight to 12 weeks old, and it can grow to be between 100 and 400 pounds, said Leland Gordon, chief operating officer of animal services.

The pig’s owner surrendered the animal to the agency so she could spend the rest of her life at Kismet Creek Farm, according to the agency’s post Tuesday.

“Who needs a ‘pig-me-up’? Reba was found running at large and brought into our care,” the agency wrote.

Watch Reba the pig’s journey from Winnipeg streets to farm:

“Thank you to everyone who was a part of this little piggy’s happy ending,” the farm said in a response to the animal services agency’s post about the pig.

Kismet Creek Farm is a rescue farm located southeast of the city, near Steinbach, Man.

“Running loose in the city could have resulted in tragedy, but instead she’s safe and sound and will spend her life in sanctuary.”

The City of Winnipeg’s animal services agency was unsure how Reba the pig wound up on a Garden City street when she was found. (Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert Inc./Facebook)

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