MPI issuing 2nd rebate to correct mistaken cheques for 9,600 policyholders

By | August 3, 2020

Manitoba Public Insurance has issued a second rebate cheque for thousands of drivers who didn’t get as much money as they deserved.

Spokesperson Brian Smiley said the Crown corporation came across a “system issue” this spring in trying to return $110 million of pandemic savings to policyholders, after some customers said their rebate cheques were lower than expected.

Smiley said MPI discovered the internal error in the collection and disposal of data, and to correct it, 9,600 policyholders are dividing $253,000. The cheques were put in the mail last week. 

The auto insurer sent rebate cheques in the first place due to fewer claims during the COVID-19 pandemic and stronger than anticipated year-end financials.

“Keeping in mind that we want to make sure that our customers are receiving exactly what they’re entitled to, we went into the investigation and quickly corrected it, and got the second batch of checks out quickly,” Smiley said.

The rebate cheques were supposed to be between $140 to $160 for the average household.

He added around 95 to 96 per cent of customers have cashed in their rebate cheques, which were slated to arrive at the end of May and early June.

Customers who have not received their cheque can contact MPI’s contact centre at 204-985-7000 if they reside in Winnipeg, or toll free at 1-800-665-2410.

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