MPI is modernizing, expanding its coverage options

By | May 12, 2020

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) announced plans to modernize and expand coverage options – at no extra cost to its customers.

The Basic Autopac product coverage changes will be submitted this year to the Public Utilities Board for rate approval, and will be applicable for new insurance policies purchased after April 1, 2021.

“This modernization is a long-overdue change that offers improved customer choice of our product suite and greater protection for all Autopac customers,” said Ben Graham, president and CEO of Manitoba Public Insurance, in a news release on Tuesday.

According to MPI, the last time the Basic Third Party Liability Limit (TPL) was changed was in 1983. It said through the modernization, coverage will be increased from $200,000 to $500,000 – an increase of 150 per cent.

As for Basic Maximum Insured Value (MIV), MPI said the amount hasn’t changed since 1998, noting it’s now increasing coverage from $50,00 0 to $70,000 – a difference of 40 per cent. 

Drivers can also further increase their TPL and MIV limits with optional coverage.

Graham said Manitobans will have the option of reducing their premium by increasing their deductible, “which would then require them to pay more in the unfortunate event of an at-fault claim or they can purchase optional product deductibles and maintain similar coverage for a similar price. 

“It is a win-win for customers as they have greater choice in selecting the coverage that best suits their needs.”

Other changes to the Autopac deductible include:

  • The basic Autopac deductible will be changed from $500 to $750 for passenger vehicles and motorcycles at a lower price;
  • The optional deductible coverage levels will expand from a range of $200 to $500;
  • The $100 deductible coverage category will be eliminated; and
  • There will be two $200 deductible coverage options: one that includes waivers for glass repair, vandalism, and collisions with animals, and another that has waivers for theft and collisions with animals.

MPI said these coverage changes won’t result in increased revenue.

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