Mine fined $124K after worker left with permanent eye injury

By | February 12, 2019

Vale Canada Limited has been ordered to pay $124,000 in fines and penalties after an incident that saw two mine workers sprayed in the face with liquid grout while working without an emergency eyewash station nearby.

The province said the grout got in the eye of one of the workers and without an eyewash station remained there for some time. The eye was permanently injured.

It happened while the employees were working on an elevated scissor deck, using a pressurized hose to pump the liquid grout into holes.

They were sprayed when the pressurized hose ruptured, said the province, adding that the employer pleaded guilty to violating Workplace Safety and Health Act regulations, for failing to ensure emergency eyewash equipment was readily available to the worker.

The province is reminding employers to ensure appropriate emergency washing facilities are available.