Manitoba’s COVID-19 tally and how we compare to other provinces

By | April 6, 2020

It’s been 3½ weeks since the first cases of coronavirus were identified in Manitoba, and since then thousands of tests have helped identify hundreds of cases across the province.

Currently Manitoba’s number of known cases doubles approximately every four days.

As of Monday, there were 204 cases, of which 11 people are in hospital — seven of those in ICU.

(Jacques Marcoux)

Testing rates

To date, 13,486 tests have been performed, including 458 on Sunday.

Manitoba continues to prioritize the testing of people with recent travel histories with symptoms, along with symptomatic health-care workers, those already in hospital with respiratory symptoms, and people living in remote and rural First Nations.

Manitobans working or living in remote camps, shelters, correctional facilities, long-term or residential care facilities are also being tested.

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Testing is primarily happening at 15 government-run sites across Manitoba.

Processing of test samples occurs at Cadham Laboratory in Manitoba.

Latest local news:

Who’s getting coronavirus?

Men and women seem to be getting COVID-19 in Manitoba at about the same rate.

The province reports 107 of the known and probable cases in Manitoba were female and 97 male.


Manitobans of all ages have tested positive for the disease associated with the novel coronavirus.

But in terms of age ranges, more probable and confirmed cases have been identified in the 20-29 age range than any other category in Manitoba.

Where do we stack up nationally?

Manitoba is behind many provinces in terms of the stage of the spread.

There have been at least 16,500 confirmed cases in Canada — the only province or territory to date without a case is Nunavut.


Of the 339 deaths in Canada as of 3:40 ET Monday afternoon, two were in Manitoba and two were in Newfoundland and Labrador.

That’s compared to 150 in Ontario, 121 in Quebec, 38 in B.C. 23 in Alberta, and three in Saskatchewan.

Nearly 73,000 people around the world have died from the virus.

National roundup:

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