Manitoba Public Insurance getting ready to send out rebate cheques

By | May 11, 2020

WINNIPEG — Manitoba Public Insurance is asking policyholders to make sure their addresses are up-to-date so they can get their rebate cheques.

In a news release on Monday, MPI said customers can expect $140 to $160, per average policyholder, in the mail between the end of May and early June.

MPI President and CEO Ben Graham said there is a combination of reasons the rebates cheques are possible.

“In response to COVID and the financial hardship it has caused Manitobans, MPI announced last month it would be providing a rebate to its policyholders,” MPI Media Relations Coordinator Brian Smiley told CTV News in a written statement.

“The rebate cheques were in direct response to COVID, reduced claims counts due to reduced traffic volumes, and MPI’s strong financial position.”

MPI said with the global pandemic, there have been fewer claims made during this period of time, adding that in addition, the strong year-end financial results and MPI’s strong reserves will not be adversely affected by the rebate.

On April 23, 2020, MPI announced they will be returning up to $110 Million to provide policyholders financial relief.

“Many Manitobans have been financially impacted by this crisis. MPI is proactively providing relief when it is needed most by issuing rebates to its customers as an alternative to future reduced premiums,” said Manitoba’s Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton.

“This money is expected to provide financial assistance to Manitobans during this unprecedented crisis,” said Graham. 

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