Manitoba government will try to release budget for a 3rd time

By | March 16, 2020

The Manitoba government will try for a third time to deliver its budget.

The province’s 2020 spending plan was supposed to be released on Wednesday, but it didn’t happen that day nor on Thursday because of procedural delays by the NDP. 

The government confirmed at a news conference on Monday that it will try to present its budget at question period later in the afternoon. 

The NDP hasn’t indicated whether it plans to halt legislative business today. 

Last week, NDP Leader Wab Kinew said the Opposition isn’t preventing the budget from being released, but is trying to stop several pieces of legislation from being introduced.

Kinew said about a dozen bills concern his party. The NDP hasn’t seen the bills but are concerned by the titles attached to the prospective legislation. 

Speaking with reporters Monday, government House Leader Kelvin Goertzen called on the NDP to back down during this time of crisis around COVID-19. The New Democrats should permit the budget’s release, he said.

“This has to stop,” Goertzen said.

“At times like this, we as legislators have to rise to a different level and show Manitobans that we are there working for their best interests.”

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