Manitoba gives all seniors $200 to help with increased COVID-19 costs

By | May 5, 2020

Manitoba is offering seniors a one-time, refundable $200 tax credit to offset COVID-19 pandemic costs, such as grocery deliveries and technology needed to stay connected to loved ones.

“Senior citizens across the province are facing increased financial hardships because they now have to pay extra for grocery deliveries, or purchasing and learning to use technology at home so they can communicate with their family members and the loved ones they miss,” Premier Brian Pallister said on Tuesday.

The new seniors economic recovery credit will cost the province about $45 million.

Manitoba Finance will mail advance payments this month to seniors who filed a 2018 income tax return. The province estimates 225,000 people will be eligible. 

Those who do not receive a cheque, who have moved since filing their 2018 return and have not updated their addresses, or who are new to Manitoba will get a $200 credit when they file their 2020 income tax return.

The money will not be counted as taxable as income and will not be used to claw back income-tested benefits to seniors, Pallister said.

“As we slowly and carefully begin the process of reopening of our province’s economy, this credit is putting $45 million directly into the hands of Manitobans,” he said.

“Manitoba seniors deserve assistance during this pandemic. We can’t relieve all of their stress during these difficult times, but we can make it more affordable for them.”

There had been 281 cases of the novel coronavirus in Manitoba as of Monday morning. It has infected millions worldwide and more than 60,000 Canadians.

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