Man found dead in water of gravel pit near Manitoba Hutterite colony

By | June 26, 2019

A family is coping with the loss of a 37-year-old man who was found dead in the water of a gravel pit and presumed drowned Monday.

“They were pretty distressed when we arrived at the scene, but they seem to be relieved that he had been found,” said Paul Maendel with the Hutterian Emergency Aquatic Response Team (HEART). 

“Of course there is a lot of tears and anguish about the situation.”

Members of HEART recovered the man in a gravel pit near Netley Hutterite Colony north of Petersfield, Man.

Maendel said the water search followed a ground and air search north of Petersfield that was aided by a helicopter but turned up no clues.

“When he wasn’t immediately found he had just gone out of eyesight for a few minutes,” said Maendel.

“Nobody saw him enter the water and so when they were looking for him they initially thought he had gone back to the colony.”

Maendel said the man who died lived with a mental disability and was typically supervised. He also couldn’t swim, said Maendel.

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