Machete-wielding suspect sprays officers with bear spray: Police

By | August 24, 2020

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg police have arrested a 19-year-old man after police said officers were sprayed with bear spray by a machete-wielding suspect.

Police were called on Aug. 23 around 7 p.m. about reports that man with a two-foot-long machete was trying to climb a statue outside of a restaurant in the 800 block of St. James Avenue.

Police said when officers arrived, they confronted the man who allegedly sprayed bear spray at both of the officers and then ran away through the parking lot.

Police said the officers were able to catch up with the man, and police said he once again used the bear spray on the officers.

Police said officers used their Tasers and the man was arrested.

Kevin Andrew Grier-Bruce, 19, has been charged with two counts of assaulting a peace officer with a weapon, two counts of uttering threats, possessing a prohibited/ restricted weapon, two counts of possessing a weapon, and two counts of failing to comply with court conditions.

The charges against him have not been proven in court.

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