Laundromat takes proactive approach to contact tracing with sign-in sheets

By | August 2, 2020

Doing a load of laundry during a pandemic requires detergent, a few dollars and a sign-in sheet in downtown Winnipeg.

Upon arrival, new patrons at Spin City Laundry Centre on Edmonton Street are required to fill out their full name and contact information into the business’s binder. Each visit requires a time stamp.

“We need to know who is coming and who is coming out because the government can help [if COVID-19 is detected],” manager Alfa Chang said Saturday.

The downtown laundromat started taking names in March to get ahead of contact tracing, should it ever be required. If a positive COVID-19 case is ever found to be linked to the business, staff would be able to flip through customers’ names and dates to determine who might have been in contact with a positive case so patrons can be notified.

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