Investigation into 2 RCMP officers accused of excessive force closes, no charges laid

By | May 5, 2020

Manitoba’s Independent Investigation Unit says no charges will be laid against two RCMP officers who were facing allegations of using excessive force and causing injuries during an arrest last year. 

The allegations stemmed from an incident on April 19, 2019. Two officers were called to the home of a man, after receiving a complaint from his neighbour that he was threatening and harassing her. 

A statement from the IIU said when the officers interviewed the man, he became belligerent and made a verbal threat against the neighbour. He was then arrested because of the threat. 

He resisted arrest and after a struggle, was handcuffed by the two officers, the statement said. 

According to the IIU, both officers suffered cuts during the struggle and the man had an abrasion to his forehead and left hand. 

The IIU said it interviewed the man and woman who shared his home. It also reviewed the officers’ reports, RCMP radio communications, photographs of the man’s injuries and his medical reports from St. Boniface General Hospital. 

After its investigation, the IIU consulted with the Manitoba Prosecution Service on whether any charges should be laid against the RCMP officers.

After a review, MPS stated the prosecution standard had not been met and there was no likelihood of conviction, so no charges wil be laid. 

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