How to satisfy cravings for American food staples at home

By | July 26, 2020

In a normal year, thousands of Manitobans make quick jaunts down to North Dakota for day trips and weekend excursions. Undoubtedly, many look forward to eating at places that only exist in the U.S. or simply don’t have a presence in Winnipeg.

Unfortunately, if you’re craving a certain American chain, you’re in tough during “These Times.” With COVID-19 spiralling out of control in the U.S. and the border closed to non-essential travel until at least late August — and likely longer — you can’t just clip down I-29 to Grand Forks or Fargo for your fix.

Have hope, however. While you might not be able to visit your favourite Yankee food franchises, Winnipeg has a bevy of local joints — open for business again and needing your support after being forced to shutter earlier this year — that can sate your desires to dine at restaurants currently unreachable.

Craving Buffalo Wild Wings? Try Little Bones.

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