Gyms in Manitoba calling on government to reopen fitness centres

By | May 20, 2020

WINNIPEG — Gyms in the province are calling on the provincial government to follow B.C.’s lead and reopen fitness centres.

Gyms in B.C. are now back in operation and the Manitoba Fitness Council says it feels gyms should be given the same opportunity as infection rates are much lower in Manitoba.

“We are still listed in future phases of gyms with no clear idea as to when the ball could drop and we could be open,” said Stephanie Jeffrey, executive director of the council.

Jeffrey said they are asking the province for some guidance and parameters so that gyms can start getting everything in order so they will be ready to reopen.

“So for instance, some places are having a 100 square foot space, some places are requiring six feet of distance. We want to make sure that when we are getting ready to open that we are adhering to whatever guidelines the province is going to set out and that we are prepared for that.”

She said the council reached out to over 200 gyms to see if they would be willing to meet all physical distancing and health guidelines and Jeffrey said that they all would.

However, Jeffrey said on the business side of things, owners are worried about serving all their clients.

“People in the past have had a specific time to work out. Some people are the morning people, then we have the lunchtime people, we have the evening people and then we have all the people in between,” she said, adding there is hope the times could change with more people now working from home.

She also mentioned that not everyone will be comfortable going back to the gym, so they might still do online workouts.

With so many questions and concerns, Jeffrey said they want to meet with the government to figure out a clearer plan.

The Manitoba Fitness Council currently has more than 1,000 fitness leader members certified in the province.

CTV News reached out to the government for comment and is awaiting a response.

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