Government-ordered work reductions to save $860M, Manitoba finance minister says

By | May 4, 2020

A series of workforce reductions and saving measures will help the government save $860 million, says Manitoba Finance Minister Scott Fielding.

About $500 million of that comes from core government programs, said Fielding.

About 100 government departments, post-second institutions and Crown corporations found 4.9 per cent in non-essential operating expenses and 2.2 per cent non-essential workforce expenditures in recent weeks, Fielding said.

The public sector was asked to find ways of cutting non-essential spending that could be redirected to the frontline health-care fight against COVID-19.

Some departments were facing between 10 and 30 per cent cuts that could’ve included layoffs.

Fielding said the province is facing an estimated $5-billion deficit mostly due to revenue drops and expenditures associated with the fight against to COVID-19.

Another $2 billion is expected to be spent on procuring personal protective equipment and other frontline health-care costs.

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