Garden centres see sales grow during COVID-19

By | April 27, 2020

WINNIPEG — Spring has sprung, and some garden centres and nurseries are noticing a huge uptick in sales.

Kevin Twomey, general manager of T & T Seeds said it’s up more than 10,000 orders compared to this time last year.

“Seed sales are up 60 per cent,” said Twomey. “Flower seeds 30 per cent, strawberries 100 per cent, potatoes and onion sets are up 85-percent.”

Twomey said people are planting bigger gardens this year, and ordering seeds in advance for next year because they’re concerned there could be a food shortage.

“It’s almost the panic of the pandemic,” said Twomey. “People are worried there isn’t going to be enough food in the stores.”

Over at St. Mary’s Nursery and Garden Centre, co-owner Carla Hrycyna said there’s been a huge demand for seed material this year.

“Maybe because there was a little bit of shortages in the grocery stores this spring,” said Hrycyna. “People are being spurred to get into their gardens (and) grow their own food.”

Hrycyna believes people staying home due to COVID-19 measures is also contributing to the surge in gardening.

She recommends if you don’t have the space to start a full garden – you start small in a container on your deck or patio.

“Target lettuces, maybe spinach, kale which is always good, and there’s always that tomato.”

Twomey said gardening used to be more common in households and he’s glad it’s becoming popular again.

“Gardening is good for people, it’s relaxing and it’s good for families to do together,” said Twomey. “Before, everybody was too busy running to practices, to concerts or sports. Now they’re home together they can do things together.”

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