FortWhyte conducts controlled burn on grassland

By | June 12, 2019

People living near FortWhyte Alive might have noticed the sight and smell of smoke on Wednesday, but not to worry. The nature centre is conducting a controlled burn on a 91-acre patch of grassland next to Sterling Lyon Parkway.

“Fire is a natural process that rejuvenates native prairie habitat, curbing weed growth and restoring an abundance of wildflowers and grasses,” the centre said on its website.

Over time, grasslands accumulate dead material, called thatch, that stifles the growth of the native grasses. The controlled burn reduces that thatch.

FortWhyte contracted a company to perform the controlled burn, which includes a roughly two-metre mowed fireguard and a “wet line,” consisting of water sprayed on a portion of the mowed line.

The centre is open during the burn, but trail access won’t be permitted between at Sterling Lyon or Bison Butte.

Homeowners and businesses in the area are advised to keep their windows and doors closed during the burn.

Residents and businesses near the centre are advised to keep their windows and doors shut during the burn. (Tyson Koschik/CBC)

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