Fort Whyte getting ready to reopen

By | May 1, 2020

WINNIPEG — After closing up shop due to COVID-19, Manitoba’s Fort Whyte is getting ready to reopen.

“We can’t wait to invite guests back to Fort Whyte because it’s spring and so much is happening here. I can’t wait for everyone to see all the birds that are back. The ice is off the lakes and we know that spending time in nature and connecting with nature is so good for the mind and the body and the spirit,” said Liz Wilson, president and CEO of Fort Whyte Alive.

She said even though the province gave the go-ahead for May 4th they will actually wait until the following week and open May 11th.

“Just to make sure we can get in place everything we need to do in order to open safely for our staff and our visitors,” Wilson said.

There will be limited access to buildings and visitors must adhere to physical distancing protocols. Staff will be vigilant on safe cleaning practices she said and wipe down high touch areas frequently.

But Wilson said they have 660 acres and several kilometers of trails so they don’t have to cap the number of people they allow into the outdoor areas. That being said people have to maintain the guidelines the province has already put into place regarding group numbers.

“We have lots of space and we are anticipating everyone will be excited to get outside that they will absolutely be adhering to those strategies,” she said.

Wilson added the Buffalo Stone Café will be offering a limited menu for pick and take out only.

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