Fewer international students may be able to study in Canada due to pandemic

By | July 25, 2020

As if moving to a new country and starting university weren’t nerve-racking enough, the unknowns of pandemic schooling have left international students wondering if and when they will be able to study on Manitoba soil this year.

With six weeks remaining until the school year starts, Sangyun Kim — an incoming freshman from South Korea — is finalizing his study permit application in the hopes he’ll be able to move into residence on the Winnipeg campus as early as October.

If the federal government doesn’t approve his request, the 22-year-old will be stuck in a different time zone, 14 hours ahead of both his instructors and classmates.

New guidelines from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada aren’t in his favour. An update issued this week indicates international students whose visas were approved after Canada’s lockdown may not be allowed to enter the country until travel restrictions loosen.

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