Extreme cold forces school closures throughout Manitoba

By | January 16, 2020

Dangerous wind chill values of –40 to –50 in Manitoba have prompted numerous school divisions to cancel classes on Thursday.

Morning temperatures across most of the province pushed –35 C without the wind chill values included. Winnipeg, at –33 C, was more suited for polar bears than Churchill, where the mercury registered –28 C.

The deep freeze has led to the following school cancellations:

  • Pine Creek School Division.
  • Interlake School Division.
  • Southwest Horizon School Division.
  • Rolling River School Division.
  • Turtle Mountain School Division.
  • Red River Valley School Division.
  • Lord Selkirk School Division.
  • Sergeant Tommy Prince School in Brokenhead.

Classes will go ahead in the Park West School Division but buses won’t be running.

Similarly, in the Brandon School Division, buses outside the city are not operating on Thursday. Attendance is at the discretion of parents where travel is required, the division said Wednesday, but parents are asked to call schools if their children won’t be attending.

The areas in red, across western Canada, are under extreme cold warnings from Environment Canada. (Environment Canada)

The extreme wind chills are expected to ease somewhat Thursday afternoon, Environment Canada forecasts, but that doesn’t exactly mean the outdoor patios are going to open.

In Winnipeg, the wind chill will improve from –42 to –32, so the risk of frostbite remains severe.

Daytime highs will range from –25 C to –22 C throughout Manitoba, with Winnipeg expected to get to –23 C.

The cold will move out overnight with temperatures actually rising in Winnipeg to –18 C overnight with a mild high of –10 C on Friday.